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January 28, 2015

SenecaGlobal Congratulates Associates Jayanth Chincholi, Siva Gudikandula, & Durga Vundavalli on Achieving Bravo Instant Recognitions for January 2015.

Hyderabad, India – SenecaGlobal (www.senecaglobal.com) is proud to present the Bravo Instant Recognition award to associates displaying outstanding work in their fields. This month [January 2015], SenecaGlobal was proud to announce three deserving winners of the Bravo Instant Recognition award.

Please click Bravo January 2015 Link to know more.

December 5, 2014

SenecaGlobal Congratulates Associate Mr. Ramesh Tangudu, Associate Architect, on Achieving Game Changer Award for 2014.                        

Hyderabad, India – As another successful year comes to a close, SenecaGlobal (www.senecaglobal.com) is proud to present the Game Changer award to employee Ramesh Tangudu. for his achievement in 2014.  Mr. Tangudu, a SenecaGlobal associate in our Hyderabad office, was nominated for his particularly outstanding client work.  His candidacy was evaluated and granted by the prestigious Game Changer award committee, who then bestowed this honor upon the well-deserving Mr. Tangudu.

Ramesh Tangudu


In particular, Mr.Tangudu was awared for his innovative and technically challenging solution to a significant client problem.  For this work, he investigated, identified and implemented state-of-the-art fuzzy algorithms for a critical application involving the reconciliation of reports.  Specifically, he was able to increase the reconciliation match rate from an almost useless 40% to a game-changing 85+%!  Prior to Mr. Tangudu’s solution, the user community had to resort to extensive manual reconciliation.  With his automated solution, SenecaGlobal was able to directly and dramatically improve the client’s success and business.


A presentation to all SenecaGlobal associates will be made by Mr. Tangudu regarding his winning contribution. As a Game Changer award winner, Mr. Tangudu will be issued a certificate along with monetary compensation as appreciation for his exceptional efforts.

Rao Tummalapalli

Congratulations to standout Ramesh Tangudu on his tremendous contributions!

Innovation is a big differentiator in our industry, where clients continue to demand more from service providers” says SenecaGlobal Co-Founder Rao Tummalapalli.  “Ramesh’s award is well-earned, and is representative of how SenecaGlobal approaches all of our client work.  For this, we are all very proud.".

August 1, 2014

Maurice White to head up the SenecaGlobal Enterprise Mobility Practice

Oak Brook, IL - SenecaGlobal (www.senecaglobal.com) has announced that Maurice White will join the company and serve as Director for the new Enterprise Mobility Practice. Mr. White is a veteran IT executive that has worked as a Senior Architect at BlackBerry, consulting and directing Fortune 500 companies, government entities and healthcare organizations through the design and development of enterprise mobility solutions.

As Director of Enterprise Mobility, Mr. White will provide senior technical leadership and strategic direction for the management of enterprise mobility initiatives. He leads a team that includes strategists and project managers located in Chicago and software architects and engineers in India. This software development model lowers costs, provides greater accountability throughout the processes and ensures higher quality.

“Mobility is becoming an essential part of an enterprise IT strategy, and SenecaGlobal provides clients with a software development solution that combines strategy and programming,” says Mr. White. “We can move quickly to design and deliver a solution that achieves mobility, improves collaboration, and enhances productivity.”

November 3, 2014

Paul Watson to lead the SenecaGlobal Technology Advisory Services Practice

Oak Brook, IL - Expanding its US-based team, SenecaGlobal (www.senecaglobal.com) has hired Paul Watson, a highly experienced IT executive to lead their Technology Advisory Services practice. Mr. Watson will lead SenecaGlobal’s efforts with a particular focus on serving companies in the Northeast US looking for world-class software development solutions.
Mr. Watson brings over 25 years of demonstrated success in technology, products and services. He has over 10 years experience as a CTO/CIO, and has led several technology organizations, including serving as CTO and Senior Vice President for Ascend Learning, LLC, a leading provider of distance learning software products.  
In addition, Mr. Watson has been CIO for Verint and Aramark, two Fortune 1000 software and services organizations. He has also led technology for financial services, healthcare and CRM technology organizations. 

“The SenecaGlobal team is outstanding – as technology strategists and software developers – and this is a tremendous opportunity to grow a practice,” says Mr. Watson.

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