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SenecaGlobal SmartSourcing in action
With our Follow-the-Sun IT model, our teams in the US and in India, our solution included design, development and distribution of an asset tracking iOS application through Apple's AppStore.

• Locate assets on the map; view target zones; and view time of last report for all assets
• Review alert history
• Server-based or client-based settings
• Customizable refresh rate for updating asset locations
• Customizable reporting interval for position tracking using GPS
• Search and Filter facilities for Assets and Alerts
• Run application in background
• App Store submission and review process

• Application navigation, screen layouts and custom images as per Apple standard
• Understand the webservice APIs and existing Android code base; and develop the iOS applications with minimal lead time
• A blue print approach to understand, elaborate and implement requirements from existing Android version to iOS version
• Compatibility to iPhone 5 and above
• Quick defect fixes – leading to frequent AppStore distribution and testing
• Application Logo as per Apple's standard

• iOS 6, Mac OS Mountain Lion, Objective C, Xcode 4.6.2, Apple Maps, Webservice APIs
• Enterprise Architect , Jira, SVN, Test Flight

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