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SenecaGlobal SmartSourcing in actionWith our Follow-the-Sun IT model, our teams in the US and in India we successfully delivered more than 10 customized websites in a span of 3 years against very aggressive timelines.

  • Migrated old websites to technologies (jQuery Mobile & Web API) that support mobile devices
  • Developed new way of displaying the SQL Server Reports using client side technologies like jQuery
  • Developed innovative "Open Street Map" solution, using open source map tools


  • Utilize the time difference between US and India to deliver quality software on daily basis without any build failure
  • Quickly adopt the client's software development process, loosely based on agile methodology


  • Develop new applications for legacy architecture with minimal documentation on the existing system
  • Learn and use several 3rd party libraries like Component Art Suite, Telrik UI Controls, jQuery and jQuery mobile
  • Manage integrated codebase for both US and SenecaGlobal teams.
  • Deliver bug free code/solution in on a daily basis


  • Visual Studio 2012/2010, .NET Framework 4.0, C#, ASP.NET, AJAX, ADO.NET,XML, XPATH, XQUERY, XSD
  • JavaScript, HTML5, JSON, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, Ghost Script and Open Street maps
  • Third Party GUI libraries like Component Art UI framework 2010.1 for .NET and Telerek Control suite

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