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SenecaGlobal SmartSourcing in action
With our Follow-the-Sun IT model, our teams in the US and in India, we delivered strategic business goals for the client:

  • Product idea realized within time-to-market demands
  • Cost about a third of typical deployment
  • Open source technologies with cloud deployment models for quality product with minimal client management


  • Create team to design and develop a product
  • Identify technologies for rapid and iterative development of software with the ability to scale without major refactoring
  • Lean product development process


  • Guarantee data accuracy and uniform response over 34 different structured and unstructured data sources
  • Translate business strategy to IT plan
  • Create proofs of concepts with agile architecture design for scalability and durability
  • Manual and automated testing using Phantomjs, Selenium, and a continuous integration set up which enabled a fail fast mechanism and quality at source


  • Hosted on Heroku PAAS
  • Developed ground up with test driven approach using Ruby and Rails 3
  • Integrations with Mozenda, SendGrid, Customer.io, Full Contacts API, Stripe for credit card payments and a host of other custom providers
  • User Interface built using responsive web design with d3.js and other JQuery and custom widgets for data visualization
  • Postgres as database

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